Sunset Station, 1174 E Commerce St, San Antonio, Texas 78205, United States

San Antonio Vegfest 2019 : (210) 880-5129

Welcome to San Antonio VegFest 2019 Vegan Food Festival Aug. 31st-Sept. 1st

San Antonio VegFest 2019 Vendor Line-Up

Cake Thieves Bakery and Eatery

Cake Thieves Vegan Bakery and Eatery. They also serve cakes, cupcakes, and other baked goods.

100% Vegan Bakery and Eatery

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Living High Vibrations


Living High Vibrations provides moon cleansed and sun charged jewelry as well as raw and polished minerals for chakra balancing and personal energy/vibrational needs.

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Go Vegan San Antonio


All Vegan Food Company offering delicious, plant-based beverages, entrees, and meals through our Food Trailer, Catering, and Private Events.

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Sea Shepherd


Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

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Harmless Supply Co


Small-batch body care & bad*** ethical apparel

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Foxx Boxx Vintage


Curated vegan vintage clothing from the 90s and before w/modern vegan accessories for street fashion.

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San Antonio VegFest 2019 Vendor Line-Up

Munch On and Beyond


We are a 100% vegan and gluten - free co-op concept shop and restaurant.

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Black Llama


We make Peruvian crafts and local handmade vegan friendly arts and crafts. 

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Tomi Vegan


Our goal is to provide authentic 100% vegan food, and show people that being vegan is easier than ever, and that we can still enjoy our cultural mexican food!. We're bringing a little piece of Guanajuato Mexico into Texas!!!

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Dirty Dog Soaps


Small batch artisan vegan soap for people, pets and dishes. We also have bath bombs!

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Izzy's Rescue


Our mission is to help animals that are falling through the cracks of the system, as well as to help owners retain their animals in their homes by providing education and resources.

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MVCeramics, has been making handmade pottery and 100% Soy wax candles with vegans in mind. I believe in the power of advocating for animal rights, and offer inspired vegan imagery and quotes on high quality pottery that inspires the user to think about their role as vegans.

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San Antonio VegFest 2019 Vendor Line-Up

The Humane Society of The United States


The Humane Society of the United States and our affiliates provide direct care to more than 100,000 animals each year—more than any other animal welfare organization—through our sanctuaries, veterinary programs and emergency shelters and rescues. We work to professionalize the field of animal care with our education and training programs. We combat the most severe forms of cruelty and abuse. Leaders in the humane movement ranked us the most effective animal organization in the country in a survey conducted by Guidestar’s Philanthropedia.

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San Antonio VegFest 2019 Vendor Line-Up

For The Love Of Natural Living


Our goal at For the Love of Natural Living is to offer Natural and Holistic products to enhance your life experience. Products like Deep-mined certified Himalayan Salt Lamps, Cookware, Crystals and more at affordable prices. It is our honor to spread the Love of Natural Living!

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Sweet Ritual Vegan Ice Cream


Sweet Ritual is a vegan ice cream parlor located in Austin, Texas. We specialize in scoops, splits, soft serve and sundaes.

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The Moon Flower Tent


Moonflower is a nomadic shop that appears and festivals and markets across the United States.  We curate our ever-evolving collection by scouring the globe for beautiful, handcrafted jewelry and accessories, working with skilled artisans along the way to create small-production pieces to bring back to the States in an attempt to share some of the joy, mystique and, appreciation we personally experience in these searches.

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Healthy Help 4 U


Energetically charged Vegan Skin Care for physical and emotional well-being!

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Lick Honest Ice Creams


Artisan ice cream using mainly locally sourced and pure ingredients. We offer a variety of vegan ice creams and a vegan ice cream sandwich as well!

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Vida Green Consulting


Handcrafted vegan + organic bath, body and skincare products

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