Rebel Mariposa


V.I.D.A Executive Director, Owner of La Botanica

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Amos Lozano


Speaking On: Industrial Hemp: A Key to a sustainable future. My talk will be primarily focused on educating about the sustainable industrial applications of hemp that will be utilized now and in the future to help fight the Climate Change crisis. 

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Dr. Arti Thangudu


Speaking On: Plant-Based Nutrition is the Best Medicine. Dr. Thangudu draws from her varied experience to create a well-rounded healthcare experience for her patients. She kicked off her plant-based journey through plant-based certification through the Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University and she is passionate about using plant-based nutrition to make her patients and this city healthier.

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Daniel Austin


Speaking On: Eating Vegan for STRENGTH. I will discuss the performance benefits of high protein, high fat vegan diets, basic vegan supplementation for sport, and how this differs from a general health diet--all based on my own experience.

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Dr. Travis Batts


Personalized, Focused, Discussions

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Speaking On: Reversing Heart Disease: Why, How, and When. The concept of reversing heart disease is not a new one.  However, due to multiple levels of constraints has not permeated the mainstream.  Plant-based dieting is one of the few strategies to do so, both inexpensively and safely.  My discussion will focus on the initial steps in determining your risk and how to prevention/management disease. 

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Jessica Salazar


Speaking On: What Vegans Wear: A Week of Cruelty-free and Secondhand Style: How Veganism Goes Beyond The Plate and Into Your Wardrobe.

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